Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun with the kids!

Brandon and Megan had a brief but good visit here at the lake. The weather did not cooperate much. In all the years we have been coming here, this was definitely the coldest we have ever experienced. But even with the boat fiasco, we were able to salvage some really good time on the lake.

Brandon and Megan rented a pontoon one day and we went out in the afternoon and did some swimming. It had a big slide on it and that was a lot of fun. I have always wanted to go down those tall slides, so I finally got my chance to do it. The only problem was the climb up the steps to the roof so I could slide down. But I managed that okay. The kids had a blast, too, but with the chill in the air, once we got out. . . we were COLD.

The kids were camping in their tent. One night we gave them a fan because it was hot and the other nights we gave them a portable heater because it was cold. LOL   The last night they were here they slept in the motorhome because they had packed their car the night before.

On Sunday, Terry and I rented a powerboat so we could take them around the lake and show them the sights. Brandon, of course, was familiar with everything, but the lake has changed a lot. . . well, the docks on the lake have changed. Most have been vastly improved over what they used to be and he enjoyed seeing that. I think Megan enjoyed seeing the lake. It was still not as hot as I like it on the water, but the sun was warm and we had plenty of sunshine, so we had a very lovely day on the water. We returned to our slip later in the afternoon and the kids took the jetski out. Fortunately Terry had worked his magic on it and it ran like a top. We chased them up the Obey River and they enjoyed themselves. Eventually Megan got back in the boat with us and Brandon took off on the ski doing what he does best. . . spinning around and throwing water everywhere. It was good to see him having fun on it again. I miss having the kids home and the fun we had when they were little.

They left early Monday morning and headed back to Florida, taking the jetski. We are hoping they get some good use out of it. They did get back home safely and had no trouble pulling the jetski that far. For that I am thankful.

Last Wednesday then, we broke camp at Dale Hollow and headed to Mississippi for the annual family reunion. We won't be able to go next year because we will be in Alaska, so we wanted to see everyone again. Fewer people seem to attend every year. We haven't missed one in a long time and we still enjoy going.

We came back to Dale Hollow yesterday thinking that the insurance company would be ready to give us a settlement on our boat. How silly of us. I don't think insurance companies plan anything to be easy for their customers. We did make some decisions about the boat and are comfortable with those. We have cleaned out our storage space and will be waiting elsewhere for word from the insurance company. My only advice to anyone out there with a boat is to be careful with whom you insure it.

Tomorrow we head back to northern Indiana. We have a couple rallies we want to attend this summer and we need to get the little motorhome ready to go.

Till next time. . .


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