Saturday, June 23, 2012

Keeping busy. . .

We have been busy at the apartments taking care of things we normally take care of in the summer. We did get our one empty apartment rented before we left to go to the lake, so everything is rented now. Whoo Hoo!

I started getting some stuff sorted in the basement. We have some things we have been storing that we are going to take to Jocelyn. We will be making the trip there in MinnieMee, so that will be fun.

We also have been having service work done on our coaches. Phaeton Place has had an oil change. In addition, we did some service on the roof air conditioners. The back one was leaking water, so we took the cover off and found what looked like a mat-type filter on the fins over the coils. Only when we started to rub the mat a little, we found out it was compressed dirt. Hah! Once we would get a piece started, it would peel off in sheets. We got that all cleaned off, then used toothbrushes to finish cleaning it up. Now it works a lot better and doesn't leak water down on the bed. We opened the front A/C unit also and cleaned it, but it wasn't nearly as dirty as the back one. Next month, we take her in to have the transmission serviced.

MinnieMee has been having some work done. We took her in Monday and our mechanic put all new belts and hoses on, changed the oil, serviced the chassis and the rear end and changed the transmission fluid. The only thing the mechanic found wrong was a burned wire in the refrigerator compartment. ??? YIKES! Refrigerators are probably the #1 cause of RV fires and subsequent burning down to the frame. The refrigerator wasn't on. We knew there was a recall on it and it did work for us, but we shut it down when we went to the lake. Good thing. So Terry called and got an appointment with the refrigeration guy and he repaired the problem and did the recall on it yesterday. Now we have to have the generator serviced and she will be good as new. Unfortunately, we are not going to take her to the rally Monday as Terry wants to have a generator working in the event we have electrical problems. They normally use auxiliary electrical lines and it's not always dependable. So we are taking Phaeton Place. Since we are going to Plan B, we are going to be here all day tomorrow to get things ready to go.

The rally is at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds in Illinois. I cannot remember the name of the town. It is a strange name. We are leaving Monday morning but not arriving there till Tuesday some time.

I have been busy sewing for Aenea. Haven't got much done. That last big sewing event for me was when Jocelyn got married. I made her dress and her maid of honor's dress. That was 12 years ago. The little romper I made was easy enough, but the rick-rack was NOT. I hate rick-rack. I followed the instructions to the letter, but apparently some rick-rack has the color on both sides. Mine did not, so when I turned the dress right side out, the rick-rack color was on the inside. Grrrrrr. I had to rip it all out and re-do it. But it turned out nicely. Notice the buttons. . . they are little bunnies. Too cute. I still have the hat and the panties to make, but they will have to wait till we get back from the rally.

Till next time. . .



Donna said...

Hello...Just breezing through and read about the baby! She's gorgeous and I know you are SO happy she's doing well! Love the little romper top! Pretty!
Enjoy your travels!

Dale said...

Thanks, Donna. We are indeed glad she is doing so well. Thanks for stopping by!