Friday, June 01, 2012

Let the games begin!!!!!

Wednesday was a busy day for us. We arrived here Monday and brought the jetski down from storage. Then Tuesday afternoon we brought the boat down. We come here every year and run the boats. . . well not the jetski anymore. . . and we winterize them when we put them away. Last year I cleaned the boat pretty good and it looked just as nice when we got it out. Terry was worried about the battery and it showed some signs of not performing well so we made a trip to Cookeville to get a new one. It tested good, however, and he had them do a load test on it. Still tested good, so he bought some cable ends while I bought some food supplies.

Later when we got back he finished getting both the jetski and the boat ready to go. It didn't take a lot of work on either, but those are things I cannot help with. . . other than to hand him tools. The jetski did have some mildew on it, so I cleaned all that off and she is bright and shiny once again.

Tuesday evening after supper we took the boat down and launched her. Took her out for about an hour. We weren't disappointed. Ran great and when we got back, we parked in our rented slip. It sure is nice to be able to pull in and park and not have to worry about loading her up on the trailer every night.

Yesterday we finished up some chores, dumped our gray water, and took off in the boat to find our friends, Tom and Carol. They have a houseboat and we knew approximately where they were parked. We found them easily out past the state dock, about 20 miles away by water. We docked against their houseboat and enjoyed visiting for a couple hours. They then suggested we go out to eat and since the kids weren't due in for several hours, we agreed. We went up to Wisdom Dock and had a lovely supper and continued our visit. Once we left there, it was approaching 7 p.m., so when we got back to their houseboat, we got into our boat and sailed for home. It took almost a half hour to get back to Sunset Dock and Megan and Brandon were waiting for us! Woot! That was a surprise as we didn't think they would be in quite that early. Brandon was actually a little concerned because he knows we don't stay out on the lake after dark and it was getting quite dusky! But we got in, got the boat all buttoned up and came back to camp. We helped them set up their tent and as of this writing, they are still sleeping soundly.

Unfortunately it is also raining now. The only day this week it is supposed to rain, but it isn't supposed to last long, so we will still have some fun while they are here.

Till next time. . .


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