Thursday, March 07, 2013

Bayou Segnette

We traveled across I-10 this morning with Cabelas as our destination in Gonzales, Louisiana. . . just south of Baton Rouge. As we were getting near Terry called Gary and Jo to see where they were. We thought they would be ahead of us, but when we pulled into Cabelas, they were just about five miles out.

We all shopped for a while at Cabelas, then we headed toward toward Bayou Segnette State Park, south of New Orleans. We followed Gary, which was great. Living and working in the area, he knows all the short cuts and I had envisioned a deadly drive down through New Orleans on I-10 and eventually getting across the river to the camp. We took mostly four-lane routes the back way and crossed over the river at another location. We got to the camp having not traveled through any of the congested fast paced traffic, but having a nice relaxing drive.

We registered and set up camp next to each other. We have 50 Amp and water. After having lunch, we went for a drive around the park. Bayou Segnette was the site for a Bass Master's Classic a couple years ago and Gary was down to watch. While we were looking at the area where the competition took place, two guys were reeling in a large redfish. We had to stop when we saw them struggling with it and I got a picture after they got it in. Nice redfish! Then we left the park and went to a boatyard Gary knew about. It is almost a boat graveyard. . . there are a lot of boats there that had been sunk, but there are a lot of used boats for sale as well. From there we went to explore the little town of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana, a town named after the pirate, or privateer, depending upon which story you believe. We crossed over several bridges and went to another boat yard where we saw some big boats. We also saw this metal sculpture of a mosquito. We don't know what it represents, but I hope we don't find out! We decided to head back to the camp because tomorrow we are going into New Orleans and we needed to do some planning.

We have decided on touring the city using the cable cars. That is something different we have never done and an all day pass costs $5. It will be an adventure!

Till next time. . .


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