Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is our granddaughter Aenea's first birthday. What a milestone for her! She was born at 28 weeks and she is a happy, healthy one year old today! She gave us all a scare when she was born, but her parents maintained a constant vigil at her side and she made it through those first months in the NICU in great form. She is perfect today and we love her dearly, as well as her brother and her parents!

We left New Orleans last week and continued our journey to Florida to see Brandon and Megan. We spent a night in Steinhatchee, Florida where we were able to watch a beautiful sunset. On our waythere, we passed through a couple areas where wildfires are burning. There were warnings posted so we were alert to the smoke and it didn't get really bad. We were always able to see. But we did pass through an area of a controlled burn and when we passed the burning trees by the road, we could feel the heat of the fires through the cab of the motorhome. That was really quite amazing. The next day we drove on to Silver Springs, Florida, where friends Bill and Helen live. They are in a very nice park and we have enjoyed visiting with them and running a few errands here.

One day while we were out, we decided to try and find the Jumbolair subdivision. This is the place where John Travolta has his Florida home. It is a "fly-in" community where the home are built around an airstrip and you can literally taxi out your driveway to the runway and take off. Maximum privacy. It's hard to read the "Jumbolair" sign on the brick gates, but it is there. The runway ends at the round concrete fence and you can see a little more of the runway in the picture. Travolta's house is midway down the runway on the right. You can google it and see it from the air. 

This morning while we were relaxing, we saw a Scottish Terrier out for a walk with her master. So cute. We waited for her to come back, but we didn't see her again. This afternoon I went out for a walk to see if I could find her and I did! Her name is Lady and she's very friendly. Her master raised them for awhile and has five left, but he only had Lady with him. He told me to take her back to the motorhome to meet Terry and I did. I couldn't believe he just let me take the dog I was fussing over back to my place. Hah. But I brought her back and coaxed her up the motorhome steps and she went in to see Terry. He was really surprised. She made herself at home and I took her picture. . . then I took her back home

We went down to say goodbye to Helen and Bill this evening. He had some oral surgery today, so we tried not to stay long. He's doing well, but starting to have some pain.

We leave here tomorrow and head to Camelot RV Park in Malabar, just south of Melbourne. Can't wait to see the kids!

Till next time. . .


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John and Nan said...

Grands are so great. Just wish they could be with us more, don't we?