Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Before I talk about frogs, I wanted to share some photos of our journey out of Texas. First, about 60 miles from Mission is the Falfurrias checkpoint on 281N. This checkpoint is featured on "Border Wars" and is known for the amount of illegal drugs seized and for the smuggled illegal aliens that are found in vehicles passing through the checkpoint. Fortunately we sailed right through.

A day later we were in our spot at Lakeview RV Resort so Terry could touch base with his radiation oncologist. Great news! His PSA is lower than it ever has been and at two years out, they now consider that his cancer has a less than 5% chance of recurring. He talked a little about the controversy surrounding the use of the PSA test as a routine screening test for prostate cancer. The doctor said, "In your case, it saved your life." He released Terry with the understanding that his internist order a PSA every year and send him the results. So thankful we are. While we were there, we passed by the Reliant Stadium and the Astro-dome. The Houston Rodeo is in full swing and, as you can see, Styx was playing there Monday night. No we didn't go.

Monday evening we visited with my cousin Jim who lives within three miles of our campground. He fixed us a lovely dinner and we stayed and chatted till time to leave. It was great seeing him.

Today we left Houston and stopped at the Welcome Center for Louisiana for lunch. The site is built on a bayou, so we went out back to take some pictures and enjoy the sun briefly. What we found were some "NOT so Welcome Signs" close to the water's banks. LOL We also saw a lot of crawfish ponds along the road. We have seen these before and they normally alternate planting rice in the ponds and raising crawfish.

We drove on to the town of Rayne, Louisiana. This is the Frog Capital of the World. We drove into town and saw some frogs. LOL They have frog statues all over the town. They are all the same pose, but are painted up very differently. Some have themes to them, etc. There are also many murals painted on the buildings. Interesting little town, but I think that is their only claim to fame.

I did take some pictures of their cemetery. They claim it is the only cemetery in the world that has the gravesites running north to south instead of east to west. Graveyards down here are very different than Indiana ones. Here they have concrete boxes above the ground. I guess you'd call them mausoleums, but they are for one person. Occasionally a family will be buried together in a larger one, but almost everything is above ground. It's really kind of creepy and I tried to make sure "nothing" followed me out.

We had a nice dinner this evening at Chef Roy's Frog City Restaurant. It was quite good. I had shrimp and Terry had a shrimp pasta. We eat out very rarely and this was a real treat.

Tomorrow we are heading to New Orleans and will be visiting with Gary and Jo, Terry's cousin and his wife. They are bringing their motorhome down and we are all camping at Bayou Segnette, near the city. What great fun!

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