Friday, February 28, 2014

Final full day with friends

Today we took Jim and Luanne to the Pulga, which is the Mexican flea market across the expressway from us. What a hoot. They actually enjoyed it and we all bought a few things. Not a lot, but it was fun and we got in a good walk.

From there we took them to the 492 BBQ which is fairly close to the park and in a two-story house. It was actually built that way, so it has small rooms. I guess if the restaurant ever fails, they will just live in it. LOL

We spent more time in the afternoon taking them on golf cart tours of the remaining Martin Parks, there are eight I think. We played some more cards and sat out in the warm air again.

Saturday we plan to all go to Pleasant Valley for their breakfast. They have the best breakfast around us, we think, all for $3. Then they will be leaving to go back to Falfurrias to visit their friends and then head back to Indiana in the middle of the week.

Safe travel dear friends. It was great having you here!

Till next time. . .


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