Monday, March 31, 2014

Heading out. . . and more family time!

Saturday morning we said goodbye to Mom and Dad and our other neighbors and friends and headed north from the valley. Our plan was to stop in Sinton at a different campground and then head into Houston and Lakeview on Sunday. The camp, however, turned out to be "less than advertised" which is almost the norm, sad to say, and we took a run through the park and back out onto the highway. What were supposed to be "pull-through" sites were actually "back-to-back" and not really useable for big rigs. So we drove on to Victoria to our favorite camp there, Gateway to the Gulf. We got a back-in site and after wrestling the "spotter" duties from the park person, I got Terry in there first try. I don't understand parks which insist that they spot campers into spots. I know they are worried about their pipes, hookups, etc., but in addition to my being concerned about those things, I am also worried about the four corners of the rig as well as what's over the top of us. They try to use the same instructions for everyone weather they are in a small trailer or a big Class A. I am going to start having a "release" they have to sign saying if they mess up and we end up with damage, they will be responsible for it. Nobody does my rig better than me. Period.

After getting set up, we took off to Mumphford's Place BBQ, our favorite in the area. We hadn't planned it, but since we drove further, it was handy. LOL We got up on Sunday morning and drove into Houston and into our spot in Lakeview.

Sunday evening we drove over to my cousin Jim's house. He is recovering from a heart event from last year and his sister Pat is helping out. She lives in Oregon and is a retired registered nurse, so he has some good help. He is making good progress and when his brother was here a few weeks ago, they both rode in the Tour deHouston, which is what Jim was doing last year when he was stricken. Jim rode his recumbent trike while Rick rode one of Jim's other bikes. They rode 20 miles which is a remarkable feat for most anyone!

Pat and Jim hosted a dinner party Sunday night and we had lasagne, bread, salad, and apple cake and ice cream for dessert. Yum yum. Even got to bring home some lasagne and salad to eat on the road. There were other guests, all people we had met when we were living in Houston for Terry's cancer treatment. We were often invited to Jim's home to share with other friends and we have come to know these people well. Such a great time and we all enjoyed the company and the visit with friends and family.

We returned this morning and visited one last time with Jim and Pat over lunch. Pat will be there probably another month, then head back to her home. It has been great that Jim has had family to help him and we were glad we got the chance to see his sisters while they have been here.

Tomorrow we head north looking to stop at Motorhomes of Texas to look at Foretravel coaches. They have some sharp ones listed on their website. Just gonna look at what they have. Then it's on to Henderson to see some friends.

Till next time. . .


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Reba said...

Loved catching up with you and Terry. It was great seeing you again! Have a great trip to Virginia, do you think I'll beat you there? lol