Monday, May 12, 2014

Busy time. . .

It's been a busy time for us the past month. After leaving the kids in Virginia, we headed to Indiana and our doctor appointments. We camped in our usual spot in New Lisbon and got everything done and the dogs even got to see their vet. We ate dinner with friends while we were in the area as well.

Once we left there, we headed to the Goshen/Elkhart area. We arrived the last week in April and we have been busy since.

We made arrangements for the big motorhome to go in to Hill's Truck Service for its 100,000 mile service. We wanted to get the valves adjusted, etc., and we also had to have some exhaust work done. There was a hole in part of the exhaust system and it was creating fumes in the back of the motorhome. They got the service done in one day, but then they had to order parts. Terry told them he would pay for overnight delivery and the parts came in the next day, except that the parts department had ordered the wrong parts. So the parts were reordered. . . some came in 2 days later and some came in 3 days later. So it was 9 p.m. on Saturday night when we picked Phaeton Place up. Unfortunately, something didn't get tightened down and there is a knocking in the back, but she is running well. So we have to take her back in to get that checked out.

In the meantime the little B+ had to go in because the new AGM Decca batteries we had put in last May (less than a year ago) are shot. They look as though someone stuck a straw in them and sucked them dry. The battery supplier ran several tests and could not come up with an answer or a cause so they determined we were at fault. I will never buy another battery from Mullet's in Goshen. The total cost of replacement was on us.

The little truck has been in the shop a couple times as well. Gaskets seemed to be failing on her and when one gets replaced, another goes. Hopefully when she goes in on Monday that will be the end of it for awhile.

We also had an apartment come up empty in March. We are starting on that on Monday, getting it ready to rent. Just needs a major cleanup and we are good to go.

Till next time. . .


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