Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time with the kids!

On Wednesday, May 7, Brandon, Megan and the baby Brynlee arrived via plane in Indianapolis. They drove on up to Goshen, stopping on the way up to see Mom and Dad. They enjoyed seeing the baby, as they had not seen her yet and she is almost 10 months old.

They arrived in Goshen in the evening and we were ready for them. I had some new toys out and planned to spend as much time as I could with the baby. I knew I wouldn't see her again for awhile, so I want her to remember me when she goes back home.

We had a fun filled few days with them and the baby seemed to enjoy the dogs and vice versa. They were very tolerate of her and when she got just close enough, they would get up and move. Hah. On Saturday we had all the cousins in. Brandon got to see cousins he hadn't seen in years. Also there were aunts and uncles there he hadn't seen for awhile either. We invited George and Dorothy, our managers and Aaron, Brandon's friend from high school and also Dave and Jenna, friends from Purdue. It was quite the time, with about 30 people there. Fortunately the kids headed for the basement and played games down there. Occasionally a couple of the guys would go down there and torment them. I had bought food for the day and got most things already prepared and just set it out and let people eat. Fortunately they were hungry and I got rid of a bunch of the food I had bought. It was an easy food day for me and that meant I got to spend more time visiting with everyone. We started at 2 and the last ones left around 9 p.m. It was a great time and I'm so glad everyone could come. We had two babies. . . Bella, who is my niece Staci's 6 month old and Brynlee who is almost 10 months. They are second cousins and were really cute together and I have a picture of them with my Mom who would be great-grandma.

The next day which was Mother's Day we had dinner down at the Honeywell Center in Wabash. We have been joining Mom and Dad and my sister and family for several years. It was a special treat for me to have Brandon, Megan and Brynlee there. Thanks so much for coming kids and being a part of our celebration.

Till next time. . .


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