Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Heading to Charlottesville tomorrow

We have been in Concord, North Carolina, for two days now. We drove out of the ugly camp and we drove up here to the Tom Johnson Camping Center and Campground. This is a great campground and a reasonable price at $30 for FHU and 50A. Once we got in and settled, we headed out to explore a little. We ended up doing a little shopping at Concord Mills. I also got laundry done. Sure do miss having my washer/dryer. The belt is broken on it and it will get fixed when we get to the service center in Elkhart. Today we spent time at the IKEA store about five miles away. We had an enjoyable morning and afternoon there and even took time for lunch there.

The weather has alternated between rain and mist with occasional sun thrown in before the next rain. But this is a nice place to be. It is mostly paved with gravel sites and a few bits of grass around the roads. So it's good to walk the dogs and it drains well, so we don't drag anything in. We can see the Charlotte Motor Speedway out our window and on the other end of the camp are other venues, a dragstrip and maybe a dirt track. This place is really hopping when there is an event going on as there was last weekend. But there are other campers here in the campground and we have met a few of them.

Tomorrow we leave here and head for Charlottesville to see Jocelyn and family. We are excited about seeing the kids again. Aenea turned three last month and Ronan will be eight in another week, so there will be a party!

Till next time. . .


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