Friday, June 19, 2015

On our way

We left Piney Grove Sunday morning and the "low coolant error" continued to plague us. Terry even tried filling the tank and it is full enough that it won't take more. So it seems the problem is not the actual coolant level, but the sensor (we hope). The strange thing is that once the engine temperature comes up to about 130 degrees, all the lights and warnings go off and we can run all day without any problems. The engine temp goes up and down as we climb or coast, so we are quite confident it is some kind of sensor error. But we are getting a reading that indicates the computer has an "unknown failure" which is a little disconcerting, since those little devices are NOT cheap.

But we continued on and we drove without incident. We took several days to get to Sioux Falls. One night we spent at the casino in Sloan, Iowa. We stayed here one night on our way to Alaska with Tab and Deanna and it was as we remembered. They have decent electric sites and since it had been hot, it was good to have good power. There was a nice place to walk the dogs as well. We decided to try our hand in the casino and we didn't win anything big. We did just about break even which is what we hope for anymore. Hah.  We did try their soup and salad bar. It was $3.99. Two kinds of soup and a full salad bar. Can't beat that. Dinner for two for under $10? Score!

Every morning when we start up, the same warnings light up the dash. Occasionally we have a "engine protect" light that pops up but it hasn't caused much of a problem yet. That would indicate the engine is in "limp" mode and not able to go over 40 mph until it will eventually shut down to protect the engine from "low coolant" which is an error as we have plenty of coolant. Grrrrr. Since she runs good once she's warmed up, we will continue until we are dead in the water. At that point, they should be able to figure something out.

We got in to Sioux Falls, around 11 a.m. on Thursday morning, June 18th. We stayed at the Jellystone this time. We got all checked in and walked the dogs, then headed to the license bureau. Things have changed since last time and we no longer have to go downtown, so we followed the instructions to the new location. We stopped by our mail service on the way, which has moved. The new location is actually very easy to get to and we enjoyed meeting the people who get our mail to us. The experience at the license bureau was great. We walked in and were given a form to fill out. Before I had my name on the form, they called me to a window and by the time my form was finished, I had my new license. While I was doing that, they called Terry and when I finished up, I joined him and his was finished in short order. In and out in 20 minutes. Wow. That has to be a record. We had wanted to stay in the area and take a motorcycle course and test, but we decided not to do that this time. We did get information on getting that added to our license, but with the problems we are having with the motorhome and the fact that Jocelyn and the kids were due into Goshen next week, we decided just the basics now and we will do more later.

The next morning we wanted to visit the falls and so we packed a picnic lunch and headed out. The falls were beautiful as always and we truly enjoyed a relaxing picnic lunch and walked along the walkway at the edge of the river. I took lots of pictures. The pink granite of the falls is beautiful and even more so when the light shines on them. It creates lots of deep hues and colors that are beautiful.

After lunch we drove south to the Red Barn RV Park where ours friends George and Iris live for two months in the summer. He is our gas man in the valley and they bought a house in Enchanted Valley, right next to us. We sat out under their awning and visited for a while. They have family in the Sioux Falls area, but they no longer have a house here, so they stay in a travel trailer in the park for the two months they are there. Then they head back to Mission for the rest of the year. It was great seeing them and catching up with things in the valley.
On the way back, we saw these helicopters flying. They must have been from the air base.

We are heading out for northern Indiana tomorrow and plan for about three days of driving. But we continue to have those startup errors on the engine, so we don't know if we will go 2 miles or 200. Hoping for the best!

Till next time. . .


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