Wednesday, April 27, 2016


After we left Amish country, we traveled on to St. Paris, Ohio, where friends Tab and Deanna live. At one time, they fulltimed with us and traveled the country. But fate intervened and they are now happily living in a lovely house and still camp in their motorhome whenever they want. We try to stop when we can. We don't always go this way, but this time we did and we enjoyed spending a couple days with them. They are doing well and it was a great visit. Even the dogs get along. They have seen each other enough that they seem to be accustomed to one another, so we can sit out and visit with the dogs.

We left there on Sunday and along the way west we passed some wind chargers in east central Indiana. We arrived in New Castle in time to set up for the Nascar race. Always a favorite. We like this camp, Cornerstone, but are a bit confused about the prices. Last July, just nine months ago when we were here, we paid $22. Then in September when we returned we paid $28. This time they charged us $44 a night. What? We asked if that included the discount which they proudly advertise and were told it did. The owner is the same person who has checked us in all three times. Why the discrepancy? We noted on RV Park Reviews that a previous disgruntled camper is not coming back over "discrepancies in posted prices." Hmmm. So I guess it's not just us.

We also discovered that the state park where we used to stay has now upgraded their sites and added 50Amp electric to all the sites in the one loop. In addition they moved the water so it is more easily accessible to the sites. So we think we will probably go back there when we return. The other camp we have enjoyed using is having problems with electric. We were always blowing something even when we aren't running anything, so that's not good. 

We had numerous doctor appointments and we got all those accomplished. No hiccups. . . no surprises, everything went as well as it could. The dogs saw their vet and he gave us reason to be optimistic about Butterscotch. At any rate, he is glad we are taking her to Purdue. . . he said they will be able to diagnose and tell us exactly what we are dealing with. So hopefully that is the case.

We  leave here Thursday and head to White River Campground over in Cicero. Never been there before, but interested in checking it out.

Till next time. . .


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