Sunday, April 17, 2016

The only flat spot in West Virginia. . .

We have avoided stopping in West Virginia as we travel to and from Charlottesville. This time, though, we were coming from Chesapeake and stayed the night in Appomattox, so we continued on through the state on highway 460. Let it be known that this stretch of 460 was much better than the stretch from south of Richmond to Chesapeake, but it is definitely not my favorite road. It was all 4-lane divided, but not limited access. So you had all kinds of idiots on there, lots of towns to pass through and the curves were quite tight, not rounded out. It was definitely a challenge, which I was up to, but not as enjoyable a drive as I like.

We were on our way to Princeton, West Virginia, and a state campground/forest by the name of Camp Creek. Let it be known that this is probably the flattest spot in all of West Virginia. The reason we never stop in this state is because there is generally not a long enough, flat enough spot to park Phaeton Place. But, we have finally found one. This is a very nice little campground, not too large with about 26 campsites, three of which are 50 amp, full hookup. And we scored one of those. What was really nice was that the sites were very nearly level, which is a requirement for us right now since we have a broken jack. When you have 1 broken jack, you may as well have 3 broken jacks because we don't want to take a chance on getting the bad jack stuck in the down position because then . . . you won't be able to move. Been there, done that. So we don't use them. We have some jack pads we use for leveling when we need a little bit.

We arrived on Terry's birthday. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband of almost 45 years. He is 66 and while not everyone would want their age broadcast, Terry had some serious heart issues 18 years ago which nearly took his life. Then he developed prostate cancer and sailed through that treatment. So we feel very fortunate that he is still here and we will celebrate every birthday as the milestone it is. I got him a gift certificate plus a new computer. He has yet to pick it out, but he needs to shop first.
Yesterday we spent doing some sightseeing around the camp. There were two waterfalls within walking distance of camp, so we drove. LOL You really didn't expect me to walk to them, did you? One was about 1/4 mile away and the other 3 miles, both in the campground though. The first was the smaller falls and named Mash Fork Falls. It is the site of an old mill. The other was at the opposite end of the park and also the site of an old mill. We weren't able to see any ruins of the mills themselves. The second falls is named Campbell Falls and was much larger than the other. Both were very pretty and had water flowing over them.

We enjoyed our visit at this camp. The park itself did have some hills and was by no means flat. But they were able to carve out a campground and sites that were suitable for big rigs. We will probably stay here again.

Till next time. . .


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