Sunday, October 16, 2016

Boo at the Zoo!

On Sunday, October 23, I went with the kids and Brynlee to the Brevard County Zoo's annual "Boo at the Zoo!" This is actually the second time I had gone and it was a lot of fun. A lot of the animals are in their huts for the night, but we did get to see a few.

The big event is to get families into the zoo and the kids all come dressed up in costumes. They have a path to follow and they have people passing out candy. They walk through the entire zoo and visit with other trick or treaters and gather candy in their baskets. It was a lot of fun for Brynlee and her friends. Because there is consider walking, they do get tired and we eventually started for home.

I'm glad that the kids include me in these kinds of things when we come because I enjoy seeing Brynlee participate in these activities and having fun.

Till next time. . .


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