Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mobil in Mobile!

We are at a very nice campground by the name of "All About Relaxing." An odd name for a campground, but it fits. It was built by a couple who were fulltimers and set down roots here and built a campground. It is very nice, very upscale with a price to match. But they are exceptionally nice people and they have a great little campground. It's very clean and with a lot of different amenities. . . swings, hammocks, shelters nicely appointed, etc. Everything is very clean and they do keep some workcampers busy. They are in the process of retrofitting their large building for an activity center which will be nice when it's done.

We came here on the recommendation of Mike who is going to install the base plate and the wiring on the Ford Flex. We were there Friday and he ordered all the parts and said they would be in on Monday. Then on Tuesday morning, he will do it all. He said it would be done by noon.  We are staying here till the job is done, then planning on heading out Wednesday. We hope to visit with Terry's cousin Gary and wife Jo in Zachary. They are still recovering from that horrific wreck they were in on September 10. We won't be staying with them this time, but will visit for an afternoon. From there we head to Houston for Terry's cardiology appointment and to pick up Mom at the airport.

We are still in the Mobile area, but are on the east side, so when we leave here Wednesday, we shouldn't have a lot of traffic. Well, I mean it should be better since we are west of town proper.

We lounged around yesterday and today and spent some time with Duchess since we've felt like we abandoned her those hectic days when we were negotiating for that car. She's a sweetie and continues to do well now that she is all alone.

Till next time. . .


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