Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fun drive with NASCAR on I-10

We left Pima County Fairgrounds and the Irish Travellers this morning. We drove across I-10 to our eventual destination here at the Dreamcatcher Escapee Park in Deming, New Mexico.

All the way over here we were passing Nascar semi-trailers headed west obviously for the California race next weekend. I tried to get some pictures on the fly, but that is very difficult. I think I got one you could actually see.

So we are sitting here this evening in the motorhome and I hear a diesel pusher pull in. It was time to take the boyz out, so I got my coat on and got the dogs in their pens. Terry was out looking around and much to my surprise, what I thought was a diesel pusher, was actually a semi. Yep. Dreamcatcher Park is right next to the Holiday Inn and about 15-16 Nascar tractor trailers are all lined up there for the night. I took some pix. . . kind of hard to see in the dark. But I think they are clear enough!

Till next time. . .


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