Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stonehenge II

We took a drive out west of Kerrville to the town of Hunt. There in a farmer's field is a half-scale model of Stonehenge, the original being found on the Salisbury Plain in England. The signs say it is not a replica because it is not aligned with the sun and moon but it is interesting just the same. We walked around it and then walked on to the two Easter Island statues. These are also models of original stone heads that dot the island. Interesting why someone thought they wanted to do this in the middle of a field in Texas, but no less puzzling than carhenge, I guess.

On our way back, we saw this barbeque setup in a parking lot and just had to stop and snap a picture. I cannot imagine how much of party you would have to throw to warrant using the barbeque semi, but suffice to say it would have to be a big one. We thought it was ironic that Maalox was the advertising sponsor! Hah.

We arrived back at the camp amid a very blustering wind. We started to deploy the Datastorm and decided not to. The wind has died down considerably now, so we are back on line. The storms we were following are pretty much blown out of our way now, so we proceed onward tomorrow, to just east of Houston.

Till next time. . .


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jocelyn said...

Real moai have eyes and are anatomically correct.