Saturday, March 24, 2007

Houston we have a problem. . . .

More specifically, we have a LEAK in the air bed! Not good. Last night Terry inflated his bed which is something we never have to do, but he thought it felt a little flat. During the night, I told him to add more air because I thought he had perhaps hit the deflate button instead of the inflate button and I felt like I was on the edge of a crater, continually sliding down to the bottom. When we got up this morning, his side was completely flat! We were getting ready to travel, so I aired it up again and we drove on. Upon arriving in Bushnell at the Escapees park, everything we stow on the bed during "flight" had just about slid off. So I eventually got it stripped and we found the leak. Unfortunately, it was on a seam and fixing it would not be reliable, so we boxed it back up and took it back to Linen n Things. They were willing to exchange it, but we couldn't find another Aero Bed with dual controls, so we opted for the gift card for $213. Then we started looking around the store and found the dual control beds in another part of the store. So we selected another queen size and took it back up to the checkout. The clerk subtracted it off my gift card. It rang up as $139, then she gave me a $50 rebate coupon as well. I would say I came out pretty good on that one. Hah!

We are here in Bushnell for a few days. We are going to go to the flea market in Webster to look for some sunshade fabric on Monday. We were told there is a vendor there selling it and I want to make some shade curtains for the front of the motorhome.

After that. . . it's on to Melbourne and Brandon. Yay!

Till next time. . .


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