Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lulu's and Lamberts

We met up with Al and Maggie and had dinner at Lulu's at Marineport. The restaurant is owned by Lulu Buffet, Jimmy Buffet's sister. He has been known to drop in occasionally, but not that night. We had to wait about 45 minutes to get in, but the time went fast as we sipped on Margarita's and watched the crowd. The spring breakers are starting to arrive and it was a big night at Lulu's. When we did get seated, we were able to see barges coming down the intercoastal waterway which was kind of neat.

Afterward, we drove down to the shore and cut across to the toll bridge. A lot of rebuilding has already occurred, but it was really dark out toward the ocean and you couldn't see much. It was great to see the Tanners again and hopefully we will be able to hook up with them again when they make their way south another year. But Terry and I are talking about going to Canada this summer sometime and seeing them.

Tuesday we met up with some other friends from our "Graduating Class of 2005." Bill and Helen met us at Lambert's and we had lunch at the House of Throwed Rolls. They had never been there before, so it was an experience for them. We had a really good lunch and caught up with them on what we all had been doing in the past year. Helen and Bill have bought an RV lot in Florida and we asked about that. We also talked about their trip to Alaska. We would like to go, but I don't know if we are going to drive it. It is great to meet up with people we know and it is amazing how many times a year we see friends we have made on the road.

After visiting with Bill and Helen, we went our separate ways only to meet up again at the factory shops. Hah. Great minds think alike.

We left Summerdale Wednesday and drove to Eufaula, Alabama to the White Oak Creek Corps of Engineers park on Walter F. George Lake. It is a very large lake, about 45,000 acres and they have a very nice campground. When driving back to our campsite, we observed the damage to the trees and the one section of campground from the tornadoes that passed by here a few weeks ago. The tornadoes that did damage here were the ones a few days before the Enterprise tornado which hit the school and killed several people. The campground section through which the tornado passed was closed for the winter. There were campers in the other sections and those people had a front row seat for that tornado, but no one was hurt. I certainly would not have wanted to be in the campground at that time. I would have been terrified.

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