Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Update on Neal

This morning, Wednesday, Neal was not getting better, so the vet xrayed and he has what look like 2 rocks—one in his stomach and one in the intestine. He is having emergency surgery probably as we speak. We are at cousin Gary’s and his niece who lives across the road is a vet at this clinic. But she is not the one doing the surgery, but I do feel confident that the vet is very competent. He has been in ICU since Monday.

The vet just called, and he is out of surgery. It went very well. He had 2 rocks which she removed and said he is starting to wake up. She said the vomiting should stop now and tomorrow he may get to eat some regular food. He will love that. He is totally food driven!

Till next time. . .



jocelyn said...

Dear Neal,
Rocks are not food.
the girl who brings you treats

Dear Bailey,
Stop telling Neal that rocks are made from cheese.
that girl you hate

Lightning Rose said...

Hi Terry & Dale,

I'm a friend of your wicked daughter Jocelyn.

I'm glad Neal is going to be ok. I have 2 doggies myself, so I know how important they are.


Dale said...

Thank you Jocelyn and Lori. I hope he is feeling a lot better. I would think he would have to. I hope he continues to do well tomorrow.