Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Moon over Melbourne!

We drove over to the east coast of Florida from Bushnell yesterday and arrived at Enchanted Lakes Estates and RV Park around 3:30. It's a nice park and we have full hookups. We normally stay at Wickham Park when we are in Melbourne, but the park only has water and electric and only 50 amp service. It is getting warm here and we thought we wanted the full service so the dogs can stay nice and cool if we go somewhere. This park is actually in Malabar just under 5 miles from where Brandon lives, while Wickham Park is about 12 miles from his place. So it is a little more convenient.

Brandon came over last night when he got off work and we went out to dinner together. Afterwards we went over to his apartment to get our mail and to see his new furniture. Today he came over again and we cooked burgers on the grill. Had a great visit.

Today I was sitting outside with the dogs and I saw something we don't usually see. I ran inside to get my camera and to get Terry. There were about 15 peacocks that came strolling down behind the rigs on the other side of the road. What a sight. I walked over and stood behind a motorhome and waited for them to come to where I was. I stood perfectly still and just snapped pictures. They weren't afraid of me, but I didn't want to scare them and risk the wrath of a peacock.

This park has some of the most beautiful bottle brush trees I have ever seen. The blooms are red and quite large. There are 3 of these trees at the entrance and they make for a beautiful welcome.

Till next time. . .



jocelyn said...

Brandon needs some green leather chaps. I bet I could find a shop in Dupont that makes custom leathers.

Dale said...

We are going to Daytona this weekend to get him some. I agree.

Love, Mom