Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back in the Land of Taxes!

Terry subbing for Dale.

We're back at Elkhart Campground in Elkhart, Indiana, arriving yesterday (Sunday) after an uneventful 2 day trip from Virginia. We like the campground here since it's the closest to the apartments, plus a lot of our travelling friends hang out over here, when in the area.

We'll be here waiting for two weeks working on getting an empty apartment rented and getting the house back in order after new flooring in the kitchen in Goshen. South Dakota is on our list for late in the month to tie up some questions on our trust and a visit to our home state.

While in Virginia had spent four days at Misty Mountain Campground near Crozet, VA to be close to Jossie, Tom and Ronan. Close means 12-15 miles in this case, so it usually meant trip to town then back to feed the Scotties dinner and back to town in the evening.

Tom is growing a beard, since he now has started his family with the birth of Ronan in the true Amish tradiation of Jossie's ancestors on her mom's side.

Ronan is growing fast, holding his head up, smiling, cooing and testing his lungs on occasion. Dale spent much of our time in Pigeon Forge buying up outfits at the three Carter's outlets, needless to say Ronan won't have to be a nudist at this point in his life. I must admit that I added 3 more outfits to her dozen or so while Dale was getting her hair done at the Charlottesville Mall. The final layout on the kitchen remodel at Jossie and Tom's has been set, now all I need is a few answers from Ikea on fillers and the like. Our next trip to Charlottesville should be in late August for this project..

I'm off early for an oil change at Wally World for the Sport Track, then to Goshen for some yard work.

Till next time. . .


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