Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg

Boy is it hot. . . and has been for several days. We spent last week in Red Bay, Alabama, getting work done on Phaeton Place. The work was completed mostly in two days, then we waited on the electricians to work on the King Dome and then do the refrigerator service. We renewed friendships of people we had met there before. It’s almost like a reunion when you go there. In fact, we parked right next to people we were parked next to the last time we were there. Imagine that. We also made some new friends and we all share information on campgrounds and restaurants. We met another couple going full time who lived in northern Indiana, so we got to know them.

We left Friday morning and were going to drive half way to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, but gave that up after looking at two campgrounds. One was on the side of a hill, and if we had stepped out of the coach, well. . . let’s just say that first step would be a lu-lu. So we drove on. The next place wasn’t much better, so we broke our cardinal rule of 2-2-2 and drove on into Pigeon Forge. We called ahead and got a campsite. It’s a Passport park, but not on the weekends, but the owner said he would split the difference with us, so it is costing $20/night for 50 Amp FHU. Not too bad for this tourist trap. It’s a level site and away from the hustle and bustle of Highway 441. This is called Walden Creek Campground and right next door is Creekside Campground, also a Passport park. This road is right off Wears Valley Road, but you don’t want to go on past the two campgrounds because it is a mountain road. We went out that way with the SportTrac yesterday. That was fine, but it would be a bit scary in the motorhome.

We have been doing a little shopping, mainly at the Carter’s outlets here (there are 3). Since we are leaving here tomorrow and going to Virginia to see the kids and Ronan, decided we couldn’t go empty handed. Ho ho. We went up to Sevierville this morning and shopped a little as well, but it was so crowded and hot that we went out for lunch and then came back to watch the Nascar race. For those of you who haven’t been here for awhile, basically the road from the Interstate (I-40) is built up now on both sides with shops, tourist traps, and venues. There are more and more musical venues, like Branson, starting north of Sevierville on down to Pigeon Forge. I would say from I-40 to the start of the Smokey Mountain National Park, there is mostly entertainment. All kinds of activities, hotels, condos, campgrounds, restaurants, shops, etc. Then going on the parkway over to Gatlinburg there is nothing until you get to Gatlinburg, which is mostly shops but now there is a large aquarium and a Ripley’s, etc. Not as much entertainment as you will find in Pigeon Forge, but a lot more shops. I think we may go back over there tonight.

Traffic was very bad this morning, but a lot of people were leaving, as northbound traffic was much worse. This afternoon I was out for a bit and it wasn’t quite as bad. Tomorrow should be a good time to leave.

Till next time. . .


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I KNOW you had fun baby shopping!
Gr, Shar