Monday, June 04, 2007

On the road again . . .

My tooth, aka ex-tooth, is healing well and all the pain I have had with it over the past year is gone. Let that be a lesson. . . root canals do not always save teeth. I believe now that when I first damaged this tooth, I broke it; so there was no saving it no matter what they did to it. You cannot save a cracked tooth. The dentists don't want you to know that and will continue to treat, treat, treat until you finally say. . . enough is enough.

While we were in Goshen, we did manage to get a lot accomplished. We got the kitchen painted in the main house and got a new dishwasher. Took out the other appliances and got it ready for the new laminate floor to be laid. I hope it doesn't look too dark when it is all finished, but with the skylight, I think it will look good. We also plan to put a large rug and maybe some small runners in because our handicapped Scottie, Neal, cannot walk on slick floors.

We are currently south of Berea, Kentucky, at Renfro Valley Campground. We came here because we are towing both the boat and the jetski. They don't have any venues tonight, so their parking lot in front of the campground is empty, except for our boats. I am breathing a little easier tonight because I don't like driving separately. We don't ever drive too many miles or hours in a day, but I still like having my driving "partner" handy. I am driving the SportTrac and towing the Wellcraft boat. Terry is driving Phaeton Place towing the jetski. We are just 90 miles from the lake now. We are headed to Dale Hollow Lake to our newly rented storage bay at Sunset Dock near Byrdstown, Tenneessee. The last few times we have been there, we have been at Sunset Dock. We can rent a slip there for the boat and jetski and they have a COE park there where we camp for half price. The state dock where we used to go has never upgraded their dockage facilities and when they added their resort, we never were able to get a slip. In our youth, we used to put the boat in/out of the water every day, but now we prefer to put it in a slip.

We have really been busy the last few weeks at the house because we also had an apartment to get ready to rent. Most of the work there is done now and when we get back the main job will be to get a new tenant. Hopefully that will go quickly.

Till next time. . .


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