Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Escapade 2007!!!!!!!!!!

Escapade has arrived and we are busy attending meetings and visiting with friends. We left Elkhart Campground early Sunday morning and were really worried about pulling out and getting stuck. Gita assured us the ground was solid under us, but we weren't so sure. Turns out she was right. Terry did back Phaeton Place up a bit as there was just grass behind us and then started out and kept going till he was on solid ground. Didn't even make any ruts at the site.

We led a caravan of three. . . we had Bill and Helen behind us and Gene and Marianne. We got to the fairgrounds ahead of a long entourage and got parked in good order. The only problem was we thought we would all be able to park together, but we were in a full hookup area and the others weren't, so we were separated, but we are still close by. BUT, we are parked right next to a couple in a new Phaeton who we met at Red Bay this past June. . . it is indeed a small world.

Sunday night's entertainment was Pantasia, a steel drum band from Findley, Ohio. We have heard them before at previous Escapades and they are wonderful. The kids enjoy performing and they do a very good job. They compete nationally and do very well.

We haven't won any door prizes yet. I keep thinking it's our turn, but I guess it doesn't work that way.

The mosquitoes have been miserable. . . or I should say they are making US miserable. It started to rain last night and rained throughout the night, but not hard. This morning we awoke to much cooler weather, sunshine. . . and best of all . . . NO MOSQUITOES. Well, at least fewer of the little biters.

We attended several sessions today and enjoyed them. Tomorrow we have some more on our list, then we have to run out and get our new glasses.

Till next time. . .


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