Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SLSP aka Summit Lake State Park

We are comfortably ensconced in site A70 at the state park--about 3 miles from our former home of 33 years. We have already spent a day at doctors, labs and veterinarians and this morning got haircuts and getting ready for round two of doctors, brokers, and dinner invitations later today. Busy, busy week. But if we can last 4 days, we are done for 6 months.

We switched out one of our sofas for two recliners with a file cabinet between. I can't believe we didn't do it sooner. At least it was easy to do. Terry built a credenza behind them; and we have found that if we pull the one chair out, it gives the user a good view of the TV and allows easy access to the storage and gives it more of a "living room" feel to the front end of the coach. It gets a little crowded with the dog pen set up, but that is only at night or when we leave, so it is manageable.

Tonight we meet friends, Jack and Janet, for dinner at Appleby's. We used to go out to eat periodically when we lived here, so it will be good to visit with them again.

All those of you '05'ers+ who were at the Pre-Escapade Rally at Elkhart Campground that SPAM hosted, take note. . . Remember all the rain and the mosquitos? (Like WHO could forget. . . unless you were brain-dead.) Well 120 miles south down here just north of New Castle, there is a drought situation here and further south. No dew in the mornings, farm ponds are dried out and guess what. . . FEW mosquitos. I can't say there are none, but not the swarms we saw up north. That all may change today as there are "occasional" thunderstorms forecast for today and tomorrow.

Thursday night, colleagues of mine are coming to visit. Dave retired the same time I did and he has a Scottie puppy Brody he is bringing. I can't wait to see them all.
Well, got to start getting ready.

Till next time. . .


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