Monday, April 07, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

The Good. . . Went to my doctor today for my increasingly painful hip. He diagnosed a type of bursitis and gave me a cortisone shot. Yay. I'm happy. I've had those before and I know it will work.

The Bad. . . Have to leave here a day early and make a run to Elkhart.

The Ugly. . . The right rear passenger Atwood Levelegs jack is up and doesn't know it. The motor is spinning and there is no movement. . . in other words, the wheel's turning, but the hamster's dead! The system thinks the jack is down and keeps trying to raise it. Since it is sending an error message, it shuts the power off to the entire system and we cannot lower the jacks. The techie said we were lucky they did this in the UP position. . . otherwise we would not be able to move. Yuck.

We arrived here in New Castle, Indiana, at Summit Lake State Park. Because they don't have the water turned on (actually, they did that today), we only have to pay $11 a night for 30 Amp. Not bad. Last night we visited with our friend Myra and met the new man in her life, Kent. What a wonderful man and a great couple they make! We took the dogs to their vet today and got their meds refilled. Tomorrow we have hair appointments and Terry sees the same doctor I saw today. Then Wednesday, we see our broker and Terry's cardiologist. Then we are taking off for parts north.

We have to be out of Indiana before the weekend snow arrives. Ugh!

Till next time. . .


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