Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gorgeous even in the rain!

We gave up on the rain quitting and drove on over to Sunset Dock on Dale Hollow Lake. Everything was calm, a few people around. . . fisherman, of course. They fish this lake all year long and it normally does not freeze completely, although I believe there have been years that it has. There are quite a few boats/houseboats sitting in their slips.

We drove up to the storage lot and were very pleasantly surprised when we opened our door. We had put the covers on our boat and jet ski, then threw big sheets of plastic over that. The boats were in better condition than any time we have stored them. Not much dust, clean on the inside, just like we left them. We had put two boxes of damprid in the Wellcraft. That stuff works, but if you use it, be sure to set the can in something larger. It draws moisture and produces water. We set the containers in larger rubbermaid type containers and they were about half full of water. Then we also took long narrow containers that were perforated and put moth balls in there and placed those around the cabin and also on the gunwales of the jet ski. No vermin! So we were quite happy. Our job was simple. Took out that stuff, put the batteries in and got them ready for the mechanic. Then we went and talked with Chuck and told him what we wanted done and he is going to have them lake ready by the time we get down there in May.

He is working on a project boat right now, replacing all the rotted wood and fiberglassing in the new decks, etc. He said that the new boats are so expensive, people are fixing up their old ones. Even if it costs $10-12,000, it is cheaper than the $50-60,000 they are asking for similar new boats. I know our Wellcraft would be way expensive to replace. We did put a new engine in ours before we started full timing. The boat is still in great shape and we have taken good care of it.

We are leaving this morning and driving just south of Lexington, Kentucky. Then tomorrow we will drive on in to Summit Lake State Park, just north of New Castle. We will be there most of the week while we see doctors and vets, then it is off to Virginia for Ronan's first birthday! Yay!!

Till next time. . .


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