Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love that Grandson!

Well, we managed to get near perfectly level campsites on the way down here to Virginia, which is what we have to have since we cannot use our leveling jacks. I was most worried about the camp here at Misty Mountain, since the sites we like to get usually take a little bit of leveling to get perfect. As it was, our reserved site was occupied by the camp owner's "for sale" rig which wouldn't start, so could not be moved at the time. So the hostess put us just opposite on a much more level (and nicer) site. The bad part is our satellites don't work, but the leveling was much more important this time. The park has cable TV and free wi-fi, so we are getting by.

What can I say about grandson extraordinnaire, Ronan? He is the cutest, smartest little guy. I know, I know, everyone thinks their grandchildren are the cutest and smartest. . . and you know what? YOU'RE ALL WRONG! Hahaha. Just kidding. There isn't a baby that isn't cute, smart, etc. I just can't look at Ronan without thinking about the miracle of conception, growth and birth. And to think how perfect he is with his 10 little fingers and toes, etc. We haven't seen him since Christmas and I already have him reaching out to me. Course, I'm no substitute for Mom, but Grandma will at least do in a pinch.

Yesterday we walked down to the University (UVA) from Jocelyn's and stopped off at the swings. As soon as Ronan saw the swings, he starts kicking his legs and squealing. He really likes them. When we left, Jocelyn had to take him out from behind because if he sees her start to lift him, he holds on. Hah.

Today we ran a lot of errands. With Grandpa and Grandma along, it made it a little faster for Jocelyn because she could leave him in the car with us. We did make it to the mall and Terry got his walk in. Later, we drove out to the motorhome and Jocelyn and I took Ronan up to the owner's place up on the mountain. He has a little petting zoo with 3 little goats. . . one tiny baby goat. Also we met the pot bellied pig who likes to have his ears scratched. Ronan didn't care to get too close because he was making "grunting" noises all the time. He really is a social pig and I scratched his ears for him. I took a couple pictures back in our rig. Ronan likes the drawers because he could pull himself up with the handles.

Tomorrow we have to go pick up Ronan's birthday gift. We had it shipped to the WalMart store here. We got him a big Radio Flyer wagon that has a lot of features. . . not like the wagon we had as children, but one I am sure Ronan will enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

He is so adorable. Enjoy him while he's small. They grow so fast and you wonder where the time went! I can't believe that my grandbaby (granddaughter) is going to be 11 next month and it was just yesterday that I was rocking her to sleep!!!