Friday, April 04, 2008

Here on top of Mt. Ararat

At least that's what it seems like. We got here yesterday, at Maple Hill RV Campground in Jamestown, Tennessee. We left Georgia on Wednesday and drove to Chattanooga for the night. We drove on here because we wanted to put batteries in the boats and check them out. We have a mechanic who is going to get them "lake ready" and we wanted to make sure they were ready for him. We had planned on going over to Sunset Dock yesterday and just as we arrived it started to rain. Long story short. . . it hasn't stopped since. We are high up on a hill. There has been some thunder and occasionally a gust, but nothing frightening. . . and nothing of that sort is expected. The high today is supposed to be 65*, so if it would quit raining, we would run over to the lake. Kind of hate to get out when it is pouring down rain.

I already had to bathe Neal once. Course, he just stumbles and falls when he gets out. I just let him roll around in the mud this morning until he got "the job" done, then carried him straight to the bathtub. He didn't like that much, but I am bigger than he is, so he is now one clean doggy. I will probaby have to repeat that scenario every time he goes out today. Fortunately Neal is smart enough when the weather is bad to only go out when absolutely necessary. So he goes out, "stops, squats and scores" in one "not so smooth" motion. Hah.

Tomorrow we start the trek for central Indiana. We are going to visit the doctors and then head for Virginia for Ronan's first birthday. A week there, then back to northern Indiana for a month.

Till next time. . .


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