Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

See anyone you know? Yep, that’s Terry and I on our wedding day. . . August 28, 1971, 37 years ago. We got married in Goshen, Indiana, on a beautiful August day. I had just graduated from Ball State and started my teaching career in Muncie. Terry had another year left of undergraduate school, then got his Masters the next year. He taught for four years with me and I finished up my Masters the following year.

We didn’t start adding to our family for five years, but we were camping in a tent! After Jocelyn was born, we graduated to a small trailer. Then we upgraded again when Brandon came along . . . typical tale of RV’ers, eh?

It was natural for us to continue RVing while the kids were growing up. We added boating to the mix and combined the two for many special weekends and vacations.

Now we fulltime in Phaeton Place and keep our boats at the lake in case we pass through. . . we drop them in the water and off we go. . .

It’s been a great ride so far, but we have just started.

Life is good. . .

Till next time. . .



S. said...

Happy Anniversary Dale & Terry.
37 yrs is a great accomplishment! It is a blessing for your kids that they have parents who remained true to their committment.
Love ya, Sharon & Tom

Alicia said...

Wow what a great picture, Happy Anniversary to both of you. We should celebrate together, Roger's and my anniversary was the 16th of this month. But, then we don't have as many years, only 22 for us, but it is our second for both of us. Hope to see you soon in Mission, we are counting the days.
Alicia and Roger

Dale said...

Thank you Sharon and Tom and Alicia and Roger. It's been great and we are still enjoying life and each other.


Mary said...

Happy anniversary! I've known of you for years, and have been happy for your example.

Anonymous said...

You two haven't changed a bit. Congratulations on your anniversery. Bill and I have a long way to go to catch up with you.


Dale said...

Thanks for your comment, Mary.

Helen, Terry thinks you need your glasses changed! Hah. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.