Friday, August 01, 2008

New Windshield!

Terry got it fixed yesterday. The repair guy said we were really lucky. If it had hit an inch down, it would have gone through the windshield and being just left of center, it would have hit me, the driver. Not good. That probably would have resulted in my losing control of the car pulling the 12' enclosed trailer. He said it was heavy and very high velocity. I'm thinking airplane part since it apparently bounced from what I saw. Or shot from a homemade cannon. But it was a rural remote area. . . I don't think it likely was a prank. The repair guy said it also bent the windshield frame and he rarely sees that happen. But that is what deflected it upwards over us.

I know Terry was in the other seat, but more likely God was/is my co-pilot. I normally react very badly to loud sharp noises that startle me. Balloons, for instance, terrify me. I know in a former life someone must have tied me down and popped balloons around my head! It hit, Terry yelled, and I calmly just kept going as though nothing had happened.

We are in Florence, Alabama, arriving from Red Bay late yesterday morning. We are at McFarland park. I would tell you more about it, but I'd like to keep it a secret. . . oh well. It is a city park along the Tenneesse River just past the yacht harbor. What a lovely park. 50 Amp, full hookups, $18, but we paid $15 because of Terry's Golden Access pass. The section we are in has long, wide paved sites and concrete picnic tables. The paved area is probably 20' x 70' long and a good distance between sites and that is nice grass. We are out in the open by choice, due to our satellite systems, but you can have shade if you like. Plenty of parking. They told us we could put our trailer in the parking lot behind us, but there is plenty of room and we have it on our site. There is a beach here. We are about 30 yards from the river and there is some barge and boat traffic which is fun to watch. The dogs are happy to be back home, but I know they enjoyed their time at Uncle Brandon's. Bailey especially liked sniffing all the new smells and because of the fence, he didn't have to be confined. I don't think Neal liked the fact that a hose was handy so every time he got dirty he got hosed off. I liked that, though.

We are here today and tonight, regrouping, then we start our trek toward Indiana. I am trying to get an appointment with my hip doctor early next week. The shot did not work and I continue to have a lot of pain. If I do nothing, I'm fine, but who wants to do nothing? Not me. So I do a lot and have a lot of pain.

We will no doubt take a slower drive north than when we came down. We have no deadlines, and since we are driving separate (motorhome + car pulling trailer) we will take our time.

Till next time. . .



chris dicken said...

Updating my address book and came across your info. Thought I'd say howdy! Retirement sounds terrific:)
Great opportunity to help the kids when they need you---and you two are so handy! ;)

Congrats, too, on grandparenthood. Great to see pics and where did Ronan come from? blonde? redhead?

Think of us next Friday, Aug. 15, as we head back to work :( --cdicken

Dale said...


How great to hear from you. We have had a busy summer and now we have to play landlord for the next month as we have 2 rentals coming open. Ugh. My (least) favorite part. Ronan's hair is blonde. His other Grandma says Tom's hair was blonde when he was little. He is a cutie, but I am prejudiced. We will pass through central Indiana Monday on our way to Goshen. I'll toot the air horn for ya!

You WILL be in my thoughts next Friday.

See ya, Dale