Monday, August 11, 2008

Update on hip problem

Ok, the doctor's office just called. I have an L5 nerve root disc herniation. The L5 disc is bulging and pushing on the nerve root. I also have degenerative bursitis in my hip. She immediately said she would be faxing over an order for an epidural to one of their doctors.

I said no, I am not having another epidural. The last one only lasted 9 months. She said that was a "good" result. I promptly put on 20 pounds I haven't been able to get rid of. I had 3 months of acupuncture later which is still giving me relief, so I am NOT going to get a shot now.

I still believe the pain I am feeling is in my hip, directly related to the fall on concrete, and it is finally starting to get better. Swimming in Brandon's pool seemed to really help. The nurse did say that swimming was the best thing I could do and the doctor would recommend that along with the swish ball (big ball). I have had the back problem all my life, originating with a Pars 5 defect. . . I know it is no doubt progressing, but I am not ready to go the epidural route. Last week was the first MRI I ever had on my back, so I don't know if it is better/worse/same than before.

What I really need to do is embark on a program of fitness and stick to it. In Texas, I will have a swimming pool, so that is a plus. The hip is finally getting better and I only have pain when I do certain things. Otherwise, things are improving. The nurse did say I might need another shot in the hip. The epidural would include a shot to the nerve root, but I am not going to do that.

So that is the problem. At least I know now. I would appreciate hearing from any readers out there who experience similar problems and what has worked for you.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Ouch! But at least you know the problem now with your hip. My aunt has a similar problem and she has those epidurals frequently. They seem to work for her, but just short term. She is also 89 years old:-), but very active.

Do you have theraputic massages? That seems to work for me, but I think my hip problem is different and not as bad as yours.

Good luck on whatever you decide.


Shirley said...

Hi Dale,
Still keeping up with you two. I am reading too late sometimes, as you were leaving Al. when I did read.
My opinion is that acupunture is still the best option. As you know that treats the nerves. It has kept me out of doctors offices and off of meds for three and a half years now, since I began going. Paul has bulging dics that has been keeping him going for almost 20 years.
Best thing since ice cream and I love ice cream.
Good luck on your decision and safe travels.
Love You,

Dale said...

Thanks Jan. I don't want to start a regimen of epidurals every so often, but it is an option if I need it.

Shirley, good to hear from you. I am in agreement with you. In retrospect, I didn't think at the time that the acupuncture did that much good, but two years down the road, I notice my sciatica is not and has not hurt/bothered me since Dr. Barry's treatment. We decided if the hip continues to bother me, we will just head for Tunica and do several weeks with him. The epidural is just to block the pain. . . it doesn't fix anything. The acupuncture, in my book, is a better and safer alternative.

Thanks! Take care and tell Paul we said hi!


Janice said...

What ever you decide to do, I sure hope it helps.

Janice said...

OK, I'm just checking in and no update - get busy!

Dale said...

Just playing slumlord, Janice. Nothing exciting, but I'll see if I can think of something. . .