Friday, October 10, 2008

Aaaaaaccccccckkkkkkk! We're being invaded!

Yep the Jimmies are coming to town. I have lost count. Wednesday night there were 20 of them, probably double that amount now and more expected. How cool. They have been having gatherings in the building every night and we have been busy, so we haven't had much time to mingle.

We went to see Uncle Bill last night. He looks good and the doctors claim there is absolutely no sign of the lung cancer he started treatment for a year ago. That is great news. He is still weak, not sure if that is from the cancer treatment or what. He continues to have strokes. And he has severe headaches on one side of his head. They have not been able to determine what the problem is. They did biopsies on the vessels at his temples, but said they were okay. He has had a stroke since we last saw him in June. At that point he was just regaining his ability to speak and be understood. When he has another stroke, he has to start all over with speech therapy, so it's like taking a step backwards. We continue to pray that his therapy is successful and that they are able to treat the headaches and stroke conditions that exist.

We went to Nappanee yesterday to the shop of an Amishman who makes a lot of accessories for RV's. He specializes in custom treatments and will build anything you want. His name is Carlyle and was recommended by Bob and Molly and Ron and Brenda. We were quite impressed. Terry drooled over his woodshop and he was a much younger man than we expected. He asked a lot of questions because our file cabinet has to be custom due to the space constraints we are working with. He offered some suggestions and said he will have it done in two weeks! It will have a flip top which will allow me space to set up my sewing machine without taking over the kitchen table. I am excited about getting it in before we leave for the winter. Course, that means we are here another 2 weeks, but we still haven't rented the apartment. While we were there talking with him, Bob and Molly walked in. Hah. So we ended up going to lunch with them in Nappanee while they waited on a part Carlyle had made them to dry. We ate at the Corner Cafe. Can you believe this? Bob and Molly each got a sandwich and a cup of soup to share and their bill was a little over $6? WOW. Most of the sandwiches were under $2. Even cheeseburgers! And speaking of cheeseburgers, Terry got the cheeseburger soup and it was delicious!

Ward and Patty are coming next week and we are anxious to see them. The weather here is going to continue to be mild this week, and we are hoping we won't have any freezing weather before we head south. We did start advertising in another paper as well as the Elkhart paper, so hopefully we will get some action. The market up here is truly depressed as you might imagine. . . will all the RV related industries closing up shop. We have had virtually NO calls about this apartment. If nothing happens in 2 weeks, we will head south anyway. We got one rented, so that will do until we get back up here in the spring. People don't like to move in the winter anyway.

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Shirley said...

The ones with the orange one needs to know about the Dukes (of Hazzard) Fest events held each year. They have everything there from semi's to lawnmowers painted orange with 01 decals. They are called tributes and have a display area for them as well as the true show cars....such as General Lees, Rosco cars, Daisy jeeps, Boss Hogg caddys, Uncle Jessie trucks.... It's fun and neat to see.
Hope all is well.
Love Ya,