Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Time marches on. . . .

Well, one apartment is rented, one to go . . . Sure hope we get some calls quickly. If it happens we don't get any activity in a couple weeks, we will probably leave for warmer climes anyway and trust our manager to show the apartment and take applications. We can do the rest by remote.

Sniff, sniff. . . Mom called last night from Arkansas. They left yesterday morning for the valley. I'm jealous to say the least. They will get there in another day probably and are going to look at replacing their trailer. I hope they find what they want. When we get there, we are going to have a canopy put up over our lot and eventually we will probably add a Texas room, but not this year.

Here at the Elkhart Campground we have four of the GMC motorhomes http://www.gmcmi.com/, mid 70's. There are 3 green ones and one yellow with green stripes. The yellow one has a Mustang of the same vintage painted to match. We stopped and told them of one we know for sale in the neighborhood of our apartments. They were a jolly group and told us there were 50 of the RV's scheduled for a rally here this weekend. Pictures will follow!

We will head over to the apartments today. Tomorrow we are having friends over for Cajun Seafood Chowder and I want to get the place looking spiffy.

Till next time. . .


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