Friday, October 24, 2008

My new cabinet!

Last year we removed one of two sofas in Phaeton Place. We put in two very comfortable recliners and although the space is a little cramped, we love the recliners. We had enough space to put a file cabinet between them. However, I had not taken into account the space needed for the lever at the base of the recliner and it was hard to move the lever with the cabinet there. When we are stopped for a few days, we pull the one recliner out into the room and that leaves a lot of space between the cabinet and the table. I was trying to think how we could better utilize the space.

I came up with the idea of a narrower file cabinet which would give space for the recliner lever, but that meant I had to file papers across the length of the cabinet instead of the width. And I decided I wanted a flip top so I could have a work area for my sewing machine or computer by turning my table chair around. It would go deeper into the space and butt up against the credenza Terry built for storage when we took the couch out.

We talked with some friends who had some custom work done in Nappanee. We talked with one fellow, but he was a middleman and did not really want us to talk with the man who would be building it. When you are paying for a custom cabinet, you want to make sure the builder understands exactly what you want.

So, we trekked to Nappanee to talk with Carlyle, an Amish woodworker, owner of Focal Wood Products. Terry, being the "woods" teacher, literally drooled over the wood shop, all run by a huge generator which hums in the background. We talked with him at length about what we wanted, left him a drawing and a cabinet door so he could match the stain. He took just under 2 weeks to build it and WOW! What a beautiful cabinet. I will let you judge for yourself.

Carlyle does custom cabinetry for any RV. Some of his window valences are sold through Brad and Hall, but you can buy from him directly. I told him I would take picturs and send to him for perhaps a later brochure or just to have in his shop. Our cabinet is even more beautiful than I anticipated. He does exceptional work.

Thank you Carlyle and thank you Brenda for recommending him!



jocelyn said...

It looks fabulous!

Dale said...

Thank you. . . I love, I love, I love my colander girl.


Tab & Deanna said...

I second the fabulous.Glad you found someone to do exactly what you wanted. Patience,can be a good thing. Miss you both. Deanna

Dale said...

Thanks, Deanna. He really did a nice job and did it exactly like I wanted.


Janice said...

How nice, I want one! Will have to get the information from you. We are looking at replacing one of our couches with the same exact recliners. Looks like a good fit!