Monday, October 20, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

Departure from Elkhart Campground is set for early Sunday morning. One apartment rented, one not. We've advertised for a month and haven't had but two inquiries with no followups. So, we aren't going to sit around and wait for a renter who may not arrive.

Last week we managed to sneak in a dinner out with my sister Nita and hubby Jim and daughter/niece Kellie. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's and it was excellent. It was so much fun. Afterwards Nita and I entertained the rest of the family with karaoke on their Wii, which I must say was even worse than it sounds. I always thought karaoke would be easy, but it aint't so. We had a great time and I nearly passed out from laughing so hard. . . I just couldn't catch my breath!

Thursday Ward and Pat Gnu (New) arrived, fresh from turtle watch at Pea Island, Cape Hatteras. They were in Indiana visiting Aunt Jean, so they hopped on up to Elkhart to see us. It has been a couple months since we saw them, so it was great they could come. Thursday night we managed to go to Heinnies for steak, which was delicious as usual and then on Friday we took them around to the various RV surplus houses in Elkhart and in Michigan. Both Ward and Terry were looking for specific parts and I think we found everything they wanted. Friday night we decided to go to Culver's for butter burgers, so we called and invited Bob and Molly Pinner who joined us at the restaurant. What great fun and conversation we had!

Ward and Patty hung around on Saturday while we played slumlord again, but we got a chance to visit later in the day. They left Sunday morning and we went back over to the storage condo to watch the race.

This week will be one of finishing up all the odd jobs required before we hit the road. Need to bathe the dogs as well. Ssssshhhhhh. Neal can't hear that.

Till next time. . .


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Shaun said...

Wow! What a great site. Wrote a lot but lost it so more next time. Travel safe "Roy" and Dale.

Whose the "old salt" in the red shirt fishing?

Shaun and Jennifer Webb 11/8/08 in a snow shower!