Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Concrete is Done!!!!!

Well, this is the fastest we have seen anything done down here in the Rio Grande Valley. Usually everything gets done . . . man-yana (forgive my spelling). The guys worked all day, having started at 7 a.m. and left about 3:40 p.m. In the pictures, anything you see with just dirt will be rock. Yep, we are planting rock because it doesn't have to be mowed as much!

We made a curve in the concrete, just to be different. The motorhome will sit right behind that curve. In the rock in front of the motorhome, I will put my cactus and my name rock, etc. In the middle where you see rock is where our current connections are. Terry intends to put those in a pit and the rock area will be the dogs' "yard." Terry left the area to the back in rock in the event we every have trouble with the sewer/water lines, we will have easy access to them without busting out any concrete.

So one big job is done and boy are we happy about that!

Till next time . . .



Anonymous said...

Very nice job. Looks like you found some serious workers this time. Will be anxious to see the final results when all the rocks are "planted".


Dale said...

Yeh, it will be a couple weeks because Terry doesn't want any digging next to the new concrete until it is really cured. Once that happens, though, it should go quickly.


Richard Pillers n Shirley Talley said...

looks very nice guys!

Dale said...

Thanks Richard!


Jim said...

Nice pad Terry and Dale! Thanks for sharing.