Monday, December 15, 2008

This really ROCKS!!!!!!

Moses arrived at 8 a.m. this morning to start getting the lot around the concrete ready for rock. He worked until about 10:30 getting the lot leveled out and ready for the rock. . . all 12 tons of it. When it arrived, he had the truck back up to the back of the lot and start dumping it. He had it spread out along the length of the lot. Cesar, the driver actually had to make a second trip because his truck would not haul all the rock we needed.

Once he left, Moses started moving the rock around. This man moved all that rock around with the tools of his trade. . . a wheelbarrow and a shovel. That's it. It is incredible that he was able to do it. I don't know how old he is, he could actually be younger than he looks, but he worked until 4:30, when he finished. He didn't work fast, but he didn't take many breaks. I kept him supplied with ice water and the rock truck driver brought him lunch.

Now the lot is basically finished as far as the base. We still plan to put up a canopy and another year we will add a Texas room on the one side. But things are coming along. It will be after Christmas before we can move Phaeton Place over on the new pad. We will be moving her over a few feet to give us walking room at the back. We had moved over so the concrete and stone workers would have more space.

Tomorrow Terry goes to have a tooth extracted. Normally this is a simple process, but with Terry, nothing medical is ever routine. So hopefully it will all go smoothly and we will be back quickly.
Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Very nice job. It looks great. So glad you had a hard working person put it in etc. Your last experience was not so good. Good luck with your tooth Terry. Hope it all comes out okay:-)


Dale said...

Jan, Thanks for the well wishes. The biggest problem here is with the county offices. Everything else runs smoothly and efficiently. But because of what we were doing, we didn't need county permits this time, only a park permit. So it went very well.

Terry's resting comfortably in the bedroom with the western channel on. Ho ho.


Terry said...

I'm up!

2 cans of cream soup &
4 cups of jello so far today

I've gotta a bowl of coconut cream pudding waiting for a bed time snack.

Dale's off to Bingo and I'm off to my cave with an ice pack.


Tab & Deanna said...

Hope you feel better Terry, you loafer!

Terry said...

Well MR Tab,

I'll let you know that I got up well rested at 4AM and went over to the hall for "Lair's Club" (coffee & bull session) at the hall at 5am. At 7 I headed back to the motorhome and took the dogs out. The day consisted of dumping and rinsing tanks, shopping and 2 hours of "Pegs and Jokers" this evening at the hall. Needless to say I'm doing well without any of the pain pills the DR prescribed.

Hope all is going well at Q.

Tab & Deanna said...

Thats a sweet looking pad! Works out perfect for Phaeton Place!