Friday, December 12, 2008

Still Working!

Well, we have been giving the new concrete a couple days to cure, spraying it down religiously, etc. The plan is to now get the trenches dug so Terry can finish re-routing the plumbing and electric.

I have noted Moses driving by slowly for 2 days. I know he wants to get the trenches dug. This morning at 6:40 he knocked on the door. Terry had already told me he wanted to see if he could find Moses today to get started, so he was glad he didn't have to wait.Terry ran off to the lumber yard across the expressway to get a few more pieces of conduit and electrical supplies, so Moses dug while he was gone. When Terry came back he told me that no one in the lumber yard spoke English, but he managed to get what he needed. He said he ended up pointing on the computer screen to what he wanted. So he is learning how to communicate without the benefit of a common language. I really want to learn Spanish. I feel strongly that anyone down here in business should speak English, but that is not the reality; and I would like to be able to communicate. Also, we have quite a large French speaking Canadian population in the neighboring park and several in our park. They are having English lessons to learn the language and are also offering French for those of us who want to learn. Why not? I am started those lessons Monday night. Anything to keep the mind sharp!

By early next week our lot should be finished except for the canopy. We will be getting more estimates as the first was way too high. We know what the contractor charged last year and even though material has gone up in price, he wants much, much more.

We won't be moving onto the new concrete until after Christmas, so I may get to start putting up the few decorations I have. I have not put any up as yet, because we have been moving and closing up slides as work progresses and they would just be in the way. Next year should be a breeze compared to the work we are doing this year. We had originally just planned to erect a canopy on our existing lot once we got down here. That quickly changed when we decided to try and buy the lot next door. That happened much more quickly than we had anticipated and things have actually gone quite smoothly since then. I just hate being in a state of construction. . . I could NEVER build a house. If I ever had another, it will be an existing structure. Hah!
Till next time. . .


Anonymous said...

Lookin good! Be sure and post pictures when it's finished.


Dale said...

I will!