Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting ready to roll . . .

Our plans here are to leave around 8 a.m. Sunday morning. We will be spending two days in Schulenburg, Texas, then make our way up to Canton, Texas. Canton is the home of "First Monday" which is a very LARGE flea market known as Canton Trade Days. We have tried to schedule this into the calendar for quite some time either coming/going to Texas, but this is the first time we have been able to do it. We have a campsite very near or on the grounds itself with a shuttle, so we should be able to visit at our leisure. We are planning on being there several days. I think it runs from Thursday through Sunday.

We have been getting things picked up here at the lot and we are in very good shape there. Yesterday Mom and Dad helped us empty the freezer by participating in a fish fry! They were fish left over from our off-shore trip with Gary, Terry's cousin, who owns "Lewis and Harp" coastal fishing guide service. We also had cole slaw and potato salad. What a feast!

We are winding down with our list of things to do. I plan to bathe the dogs tomorrow and get their bedding all washed up. That will just about finish everything on my list.

I have one project still unfinished from this winter. I brought quilt blocks I had cut out this summer to make us a "rag quilt" for the bed. It is quite an undertaking, but I have finished all I can do at this point. I am using flannel as the "batting" and I ran out. I can't remember how much I bought originally, but it wasn't enough. It is navy blue and I cannot find it down here anywhere. There are no JoAnn's down here. I did find a couple very, very nice fabric stores in Old Town McAllen, but I guess navy blue flannel is not real popular down here. So I am finishing up the quilt portion I have completed and then will add the rest when I find the flannel. I have to clip all the seams now. If you don't know what a rag quilt is, it has fringed seams which ravel and fuzz up when it's washed. While browsing in the fabric stores, we did find the fabric our new recliners are covered in. We bought several yards and have recovered our table chairs, We intend to get two matching chairs and have enough to recover them as well.

Till next time. . .



Janice said...

Have a safe trip back to Indy. Be sure not to buy to much STUFF at the flea market! We leave next Wed. heading for Beaver Bend, OK. I think we may be coming through Elkhart sometime in June/July, if so will let you know. We have been looking for somewhere to spend the July 4th holiday.

Dale said...

Safe travels to you and Dean also, Janice. Stay in touch. We are headed back to northern Indiana after Red Bay and Florida to see Brandon in June. Not sure just when. Stay in touch so we can connect.


Anonymous said...

Travel safe! There is a JoAnnes Fabric Store in Corpus. Don't recall seeing any navy flannel though. I was with Dianna and we were looking for white/black polka dot satin:-)

We are heading north on Monday to Jefferson, TX.


Froggi Donna said...

We wanted to do the Canton First Monday but arrived the week after it happened. Maybe next time!