Sunday, March 29, 2009

Schulenburg, Texas

I took a picture a few days ago that I forgot to post. Some residents of a neighboring park have for years kept this family of skunks in their side yard. They move them periodically, but always the babies are following the mama. The other day when I rode by on the bicycle, I noticed they all had sombreros and serapes on! How cute.

We left our lot and Mom and Dad this morning at 7:35. We will see them again in about a month when they arrive back in Indiana and we get back from Virginia. We drove longer than we normally do for us, but we got into our camp in Schulenburg, Texas, at 1 p.m. The dogs made the drive without problems, even Bailey, whom we thought we would have to stop and let out. He was ready when we got here, but he was able to wait. This is a nice park, but we are pretty much packed in. All sites are pull through.

Shortly after arriving, there was a bit of excitement. Across a meadow sits a large elementary school. Apparently there were some acitivities going on there and someone got hurt. There were several emergency vehicles, but before long we heard a helicopter. It landed over at the school and they picked up a gurney with someone on it and took off, probably to Austin. Certainly hope the victim is okay.

The neighbor across from us had an interesting three-wheeler in front of his motorhome. How cute. We thought it was a motorcycle and it is actually tagged as a motorcycle. But it is built with all Ford parts, the engine is in front, it has a gearshift lever like you find on a floor console, and it has a steering wheel. It also has an accelerator and a brake pedal. Too cool. It was very interesting. Fortunately the guy did not mind our interest and allowed me to take pictures. I want one. . . and what Dale wants. . . . . . ???????

Schulenburg, Texas, is home to the painted churches. The congregations date from the 1800's and the churches all display beautifully painted artwork and stained glass windows. They have tours of the churches, but we cannot take several hours out of the day, so I'm not sure we will be able to see inside. They are beautiful on the outside though. We saw two tonight and will try to see the others tomorrow. We are here for a mail drop, then we will continue to make our way to Canton for First Monday.

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