Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Veterinarian's revenge!

A dog on a diuretic. Yep, that's what I call it, the veterinarian's revenge. I guess it could be worse . . . that would be a dog on exlax. Although at 3 a.m., it's hard to think that way.

We discovered when we were in Kerrville and had to rush Bailey to a vet that he is suffering from an enlarged heart and fluid around the heart and lungs. He still had some infection in his lungs, so the vet prescribed high powered antibiotics for that along with a heart pill and a diuretic. In fact, the two heart pills are two of the same ones Terry takes.

Bailey is finished with the antibiotics and the heart pills seem to make him lethargic and he has very little energy. On his own, he has started to refuse his morning pills, but takes the ones at night. I have tried braunschweiger and cream cheese, his two favorites. He refuses it in the morning, along with eating very little; but hungrily gobbles them up at his evening feeding along with most of his food. He doesn't seem to be having problems, in fact, he seems to be in good spirits and is even back to doing his little trot with spring in his step. At 13, Bailey seems to have decided what is best for him and we have accepted that. It does appear that Cushings syndrome is not what we were looking at, but heart disease. That is good in that Cushings is much, much harder to treat.

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S. said...
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S. said...

Oh poor little guy.. it is hard living with a geriatric pet w/ health problems. We went through that with our 17 yr old cat a few yrs ago. Had 3 litter boxes and she still went on the rug. She was also arthritic, poor vision and hard of hearing. So sad when we finally had to put her down.

Bob and Molly said...

Hi guys...sorry to hear about Bailey. We're trading spaces with you...we're here at Buckhorn Lake for a little Gathering. We like this Texas Hill Country! Around the 14th we're going up to Boerne for a re-union with the Class of 07...if you are heading out, swing by for a stay....lots of folks you know will be there! Love to see you!

Bob and Molly said...

Thanks Terry, for the tip about Stonehenge...we went yesterday and would have most likely continued on that road without your heads-up!!! And then we went to Gibson's...what a great store! After that.....CULVER's!! We missed you guys! :)