Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and the park celebrates by putting on a hotdog and beer feast. It is free to the residents of the park and so we were there. They started serving at 3 p.m. and if you weren't there by 2, you didn't get a seat. Mom and Dad went over early and saved us seats, then we went later after letting the dogs out.

Terry is gradually getting things back into the motorhome basement from the little barn. We keep a lot of his tools and assorted items in the shed while we are here to make everything a little more accessible. There will be things that we leave here this year, but not too much, because Mom and Dad put the golf cart in our little barn. Eventually, when we build our Texas room, we will have a storage area, including a golf cart garage.

Bailey, as I have mentioned, has been diagnosed with heart problems and he is having good days and bad days. He is reluctant to take his meds. I have been putting them in braunschweiger or cream cheese and he is now refusing that. Then he quit eating. It didn't take long before he started coughing, etc., so I boiled him some chicken and mixed it with rice. He is eating that and I hide his pills in the chicken. I am now mixing his regular food back in. Neal is now on a special liver diet which he does not seem to like. The vet insisted I couldn't give him anything else, but at 13, Neal is gonna get his treats. He lives for them and I won't deny him.

Last week we had some really cold, wet weather that came through. We managed to get through it and the chilly temperatures, and now we are rewarded with hot humid weather in the high 80's. It has been cloudy and humid today, so a trip to the pool may be in my future.

Our visit to the valley ends March 29 when we leave here and head north. We have reservations for First Monday, the giant trade days in Canton, Texas, for that week. It should be fun and we are looking forward to it.

Till next time. . .



Silverback said...

Gotta love park times - if you're not there 45 mins to an hour before the allotted time, you'll risk not getting a seat or even getting in !

Here we just give out everything in 'Buttonwood Time' rather than actual time as this takes the 'need to be there for' into account.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip. Hope to see you down the road. We leave Monday, 23rd, heading east to LA and AR for awhile.

Keep in touch.