Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice and quiet again!

Well, the camp filled up over the weekend and we were glad to see Sunday come. We are back down a lane and quite isolated from the other campers, but up on the hill a family with four children and a dog came in. Now to their little dog's credit, I did not hear it bark once. . . not even when the entire family took off and would be gone for several hours, leaving the poor little thing outside tied up to a tree. It had plenty of shade and did not appear to be distressed, but that should never have happened.

Yesterday morning while I was out with Neal I heard the mom yelling at one of the kids. Ah yes, that always bodes well at campgrounds. I have to say, however, we have managed to avoid screaming families since we quit attending a certain campout in northern Indiana in the spring. We certainly hate listening to it. At least this weekend, alcohol was not involved, so it wasn't as bad.

Now the weekenders are gone and we professional campers are doing our thing! We have beautiful weather today so we sat out this morning talking with neighbors and petting dogs. Terry continues to dish up some great items grilled on his new grill. He has searched and searched for the perfect grill. He finally settled on the Baby Q by Weber and really likes it. It is a bit heavy, so I made a waterproof cover for it and it can stay put now.

We will enjoy the lake here for another week before moving onto Nashville, then the family reunion in Mississippi.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Tab and I agree with you about a certain campout in northern Indiana.

Anonymous said...

We have used our Baby Q for four years now and still love it. I'm sure Terry will too.


Dale said...

Well, Helen, I must confess. Bill was the inspiration behind Terry's getting a Baby Q. He has looked and looked and never found what he wanted. I kept telling him Bill loved his Baby Q, so eventually that is what he got.