Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Time

Ah, puppies. I can’t resist them. This is Nigel, the English Bulldog at 10 weeks old. He is the granddog of friends Tab and Deanna and came to visit while we were camped at Camp Pull-Tab. He was such a cutie and insisted on carrying his own leash. Our visit with Tab and Deanna was brief, but sufficient hugs were passed around and we left to come to Indiana so we could get ready for the arrival of grandson extraordinaire Ronan and his parents.

They arrived on Saturday evening and it has been non-stop since then. He is a rambunctious 2+year old and loves the attention he gets from his grandparents. We try and give mom and dad a break by playing with him as we know his time with us is all too short. Jocelyn and Ronan will be with us about 10 days as Tom moves to campus in Illinois on Wednesday to begin his graduate work. We will be taking Jocelyn and Ronan over close to campus to camp before Tom finishes up as they plan to leave from there to go back home to Virginia. Sounds like a plan.

Ronan has a new chocolate poodle, Whiskey, who is gorgeous. His coloring is very unusual and since he is a rescue, his background is unknown, but he has certainly won our hearts. He has some issues, but we are working on them this week and trust he will learn to love us like we love him. He is in the final recovery stages of heartworm treatment, so he cannot run and get excited, but he certainly wants to play with Neal. I heard Neal tell him he was retired and doesn’t play anymore but that hasn’t stopped Whiskey from trying.

We bought Ronan a “plasma” car. They are low to the ground and on flat smooth surfaces, the kids propel them by moving the wheel back and forth. It’s pretty cool and Ronan hasn’t completely figured it out, but he can certainly move it on his own power and he will soon get the idea.

I think I hear him now, so I better get off here and get ready to hone my “grandma” skills.

Till next time. . .


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Janice said...

I can't believe how big he is getting. They don't stay little very long, do they?