Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Family Time!

My parents were over the other night, so I got some pictures of them with Ronan. Mom sat with him and played trains and he got up on Dad's lap. Later, Mom, at 84 years young, took a spin around the garage on the plasma car. Hope I can do that when I am her age! You go, girl!

Whiskey, our daughter's chocolate poodle is a really skittish soul. But I have been constantly working with him and tonight I was able to get the leash on him. Actually, that is the easy part. He usually decides he isn't going to go anywhere, but he went with me tonight. Jocelyn and Ronan were outside and he wanted out, so he indulged me to get him outside. Once outside, we worked on leash training a little. One time he plopped down, but eventually he came with me without any prodding other than a verbal, "come." I walked him a bit around the yard and had him sit on the porch while I petted him. I think we are going to be friends.

We took Tom to the South Bend airport this afternoon to catch the South Shore train to Chicago, then the train to Champaign/Urbana where he is starting graduate work. Terry and I kept kidding him about his "vacation" and that we KNEW he only had 2 days of class and tickets to Cancun! Haha.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Whiskey's a pretty funny looking Chocolate lab! Didn't know they came with curly hair. HA HA Just had to get that one in. (check your entry, you called him a lab.) That's ok though, he's a good boy, so he's as good as a lab!


Dale said...

I guess my mind is foggy! Of course he is a poodle. I will change that.