Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots of quality time with Ronan. . .

We are still here in Goshen spending time with our grandson. We are certainly enjoying him and he seems extremely comfortable with us. Today Jocelyn was out for several hours and he played pretty much non-stop for me. Sometimes I played with him, other times I was busy but in the same room. He talks constantly whether in his play or to me or the dogs. He is such a sweetie.

Yesterday we all went south to my sister Nita's house. My parents also have a place there in their woods. Hers is a five dog household and we got along very well. The dogs are quite used to children now and pose no problem for little ones. A couple are more interested in pleasing the adults in the room.

Nita and I took Ronan and went out on the go kart. We just went slowly around the drive until we started feeling raindrops. Ronan really liked the kart and it was nice to be able and visit with my sister.

Tomorrow we are having some maintenance done on the apartments so we will be here all day. We are also getting stuff packed back into the motorhome for the trip Thursday. We have reservations for 2 campsites in a park near Champaign, Illinois. Jocelyn brought their camping gear and we will be in the motorhome. We will camp for 3 days. When Tom finishes class on Saturday, he will join us. Then Sunday they head back to Charlottesville and we will make a stop in central Indiana for a doctor's appointment.

Till next time. . .



Bob and Molly said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy the family while you can!
Hope to see you this Fall...somewhere! We will be back in Elkhart shortly after Labor Day, but you may be gone by then!

Dale said...

Actually we will be here part of the time after Labor Day. I have a doctor's appointment around the 10th, I think. Sounds like Heinnies is in your future.