Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ronan's new haircut

After several unsuccessful attempts to get some cooperation from Ronan concerning a haircut, he just told his Mom, "Cut my hair." He wanted it out of his eyes. So Jocelyn got his bangs cut. I thought perhaps during our "morning time" while Mom sleeps in, Ronan might let me cut a little off the length. He did and I was able to even it up a little. I am no hair stylist, but after having done this little bit of trimming, I think he might sit still for a real haircut. . . maybe something like "Cartoon Cuts" or something similar. They don't have those around the Goshen area or I would have tried. Anyway, with his blond hair, he looks like a little surfer, especially in his new Ron Jon surf shop short outfit!

We left Goshen this morning and traveled to Mahomet, Illinois, where we are camped for a few days. Jocelyn and Tom's tent is right next to our rig. I think they will be comfortable. I put Ronan in the garden tub and he really liked his bath. He is asleep in our bed, but when Jocelyn retires, she will take him and Whiskey to the tent.

I think tomorrow they are going to go visit Tom who finishes up his coursework on Saturday. They will be heading back to Virginia on Sunday. We will stay here an extra day to avoid the Brickyard traffic as we head to central Indiana for a doctor appointment.

Till next time. . .


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